The Court Report

Evolution to Revolution

When we started the LRB Cantina Winter Break in December of last year, we intended on an evolution of what was to be on offer. Well, that evolution has turned into a revolution. Looking at [...]

January 15th, 2021|Categories: food, Local, LRB Cantina|Tags: , , |0 Comments

Meet Chef Eli

We are excited to have Chef Eli back with the Legal Remedy Brewing family! If you've been following our social media posts, you have seen Eli and the kitchen team at LRB Cantina have been [...]

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Craft Cocktails

What do the lottery, an axe, a gate, and cocktails have to do with each other? The year is 1798. The proprietor of the “Axe & Gate” tavern in London won a portion of the [...]

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What We Did on Winter Break…FARM TOUR!

There is nothing cuter than looking at a baby pig or - wait a minute, maybe a baby cow. Well we got to see them all this past Monday as we went on a local [...]

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LRB Cantina Winter Break

Well, no time like a pandemic to open a restaurant. As we get ready to celebrate the holidays and look forward to 2021, we are going to take a Winter Break. You may have heard [...]

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