The Court Report

Masks Required

LRB Brewpub will open again this Thursday, July 9th at 4pm. We appreciate everyone’s well wishes and notes of support over the past week. We will continue with our safety guidelines we have in place [...]

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Book Report: Beer School

Jonny Garrett and Brad Evans are a pair of British guys that explore the world through beer. They document their journey and put it on their YouTube Channel: The Craft Beer Channel (which you need [...]

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LRB Pink Boots Hazy Pale Ale – Round 2

Back in March, we brewed a beer using the Pink Boots Blend of hops made exclusive by Yakima Chief Hops. The blend consisted of Azacca, El Dorado, Idaho Gem and Loral hops. Cassie, Kassidy, and [...]

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The Glass is Half Full

The glass, and our dining room, is half full. Thanks to everyone who has come out the past couple of weeks and joined us for a pint. You may have noticed that we took over [...]

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Book Report: Barrel-Aged Stout And Selling Out by Josh Noel

If you are in the beer business this is a must read. If you are interested in a startup business, family relations or the biggest beer company in the world, you want to read this [...]

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