• Stacked tin cans
  • Interior, a row of brewery tanks
  • Canning line
  • Packs of World Court Chai Spice

brewed in house.

Our Story

In 2009, a lawyer, a landscape architect, two bankers and a computer guy figured beer was a worthwhile use of time. Legal Remedy was born, and this crew started entering homebrew competitions. Over time, they figured they would "go legal." so they got a license from the Feds. Shortly thereafter in 2014, the first legal batch of Legal Remedy went to market. About nine months after that, the brewery on Oakland Avenue opened - and here we are. Needless to say we are omitting a detail or two, but we're trying to tell a story here. This is the most American of stories - people with a common goal trying to make something. We think you will agree the results are mighty good.

justice never tasted so good.