Mugshot Monday – Tim

For this week's #MugshotMonday, we're shaking things up a bit, and featuring one of our first hires at the brewpub. Tim started with LRB before we even opened the doors, and this past week was his last as he moves on to new and exciting adventures. To get to know Tim, we asked a few [...]

Mugshot Monday – Chad

Get to know the people of LRB with Mugshot Monday! Today's mugshot is with Chad. Let's hear more: What's your favorite movie? "American Gangster - I like movies with a historical base (and part of it was shot in NC - where I'm from)." What's your biggest pet peeve? "When people move things then don't [...]

Mugshot Monday – Jesse

Get to know the people who work at LRB with Mugshot Monday! Today's Mugshot is with Jesse. Let's interrogate him: If you were a color.. "I'd be the color blue, because it brightens the day." Favorite place to vacation... "Asheville, NC." If you had a superpower... "I'd like to be able to change people's moods." [...]