Mugshot Monday – Chris

It’s time for our last #MugshotMonday of the year! Today we’re talking to Chris Piepoli, aka Chrispy: What’s your favorite LRB beer? “Everyone’s favorite our Double Indemnity Double IPA!” What is your favorite thing to eat at LRB? “The Chrispy Special: a burger cooked medium rare-medium, on sourdough bread with Gruyere cheese.” If you joined [...]

Mugshot Monday – Jenna

It’s time for #MugshotMonday again and this week we are talking with Jenna. Jenna's been around since we started and around these parts, she's know as Rock Hill's finest bartender. (She may not have "officially" won the title, but we think she's the best anyway!) You are granted 3 wishes. What are 2 of them? [...]

Mugshot Monday – Stephanie

It's time for #MugshotMonday! Today we feature Stephanie who has been with us since July of this year. She states of all the jobs she's had, corporate included, LRB is her favorite. We love that she's happy as part of our crew, and thankful for her and all our employees that make LRB such a [...]

Mugshot Monday – Traci

It’s time for #MugshotMonday! Today we're highlighting Traci - one of our hostesses at the brewpub. Traci is the smile you see when you first walk in, so say hi to her when you come visit us! 1 - If you were a tree, what kind would you be and why? “I'd be a Christmas [...]

Mugshot Monday – Kevin

The treat (no trick!) this #MugshotMonday is Kevin, one of our brewers. Kevin’s the lead for our sour series and our barrel aging program, and he’s been here since we started. Thanks for sticking around, Kevin! What’s the last song you listened to on repeat? “Plane Crash by Moe.” The animals rise up and take [...]

Mugshot Monday – Jake

It's time for Mugshot Monday! Jake has been a manager here at LRB since May 2016. He's a vital part of our management team, keeping us all organized and making sure we have cool merch on hand. Let's get to know him a little better: What is the most interesting thing about you? "Hmm.. I'd [...]

Mugshot Monday – Hannah

Next on the docket for #MugshotMonday is Hannah! If you could be anything, what would you be? “A Mermaid.” How would you rate your memory? “At work, I'm a 9. At home, I"m more of a 2. “ Favorite LRB menu items? “The nachos with a Chief Justice Juice. And the cheesecakes - any of [...]

Mugshot Monday – Casey

Casey has been at LRB for two years this month, so she's our highlight this #mugshotmonday. Happy anniversary, Casey! Thanks for sticking around. What's the last thing you binge watched in your free time? "What is free time? Seriously, Gossip Girl and New Girl." (We're sensing a theme here...) :) What annoys you the most? [...]

Mugshot Monday – Brooke

This week our #MugshotMonday features Brooke, one of our chefs in the LRB kitchen. Brooke has been with us since the very beginning and we tip our hats to her for sticking around. And have y'all tried Brooke's mashed potatoes? They are the absolute best! They're so good they'll make your Southern grandma hang up [...]

Mugshot Monday – Cora

This week we're featuring Cora, part of our wait staff for the past year and a half. Cora works mostly nights and weekends now as she's just started back to school working toward her physical therapy degree! Go, Cora, go! If you won the lottery, what would you do first? Travel somewhere pretty and hang [...]