Featured Flight: TEST FLIGHT

Six packs are cold ready to go, and you can try them in this week's Featured Flight: Test Fight. Jury Panel Jalapeño Pineapple Ale Roasted and raw seeded jalapeños with puréed pineapples are added to this light Cream Ale. This beer is not spicy nor sweet...just a refreshing Ale with a twist. ABV: 5.5% IBUs: [...]

Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day!

Friday, March 8th is International Women's Day and Pink Boots Society Collaboration Brew Day! Cassie and Casey got a head start on our collab day so that we could fit this special brew into our beer schedule. Cassie created a recipe for our Pink Boots Belgian Blond using the Pink Boots Hops Blend from Yakima [...]

You Be The Judge – 2019

A few months back, we made a post explaining our "Confidential Informant" Series" and "Exhibit" Series Beers. Since it's been awhile, we thought we'd offer a refresher on what we're doing here. At the time, we realized that IPAs were the most requested beer at the brewpub and we set out to create a new [...]

Featured Flight: The Ales Have It

This week’s recommended flight features different Ale styles from our lineup with unique flavor profiles. Golden Rule Golden Ale Similar to your favorite American lager, the use of pale and crystal malts gives the right amount of body while the hops add a light refreshing citrus flavor. ABV: 5% IBUs: 14.9 Solicitor Strong Ale A [...]

Featured Flight: Cookies and Milk

Try a flight full of rich seasonal flavors found in one of our favorite comfort foods. Courthouse Cookie Ale Our rich brown ale recipe with notes of oatmeal, toffee, and vanilla. ABV: 6% IBUs: 22 Exhibit: Gingerbread Jumpsuit This seasonal Ale had allspice added in the boil and was fermented on Saigon cinnamon sticks, fresh [...]

Featured Flight: Without Objection

Need help ordering? Try this week's Featured Flight: Without Objection Accomplice American IPA An American India Pale Ale that’s bright and bold with citrus and piney hop aroma, flavor and a nice crisp finish. ABV: 7.6% IBUs: 63.3 Double Indemnity Double IPA Light golden in color with complex malt flavors. Dry hopped to give you [...]

Featured Flight: Hallowed Halls of Justice

This week's Featured Flight has dark beers across the board! Plea Bargain Pecan Ale This rich dark brown ale has flavors of pecan pie, nuts, dark chocolate, and a hint of coffee finish. ABV: 6.2% IBUs: 24 Pro Bono Vanilla Porter A robust Imperial Porter with coffee and vanilla that’s been aged on oak and [...]

Featured Flight: Fall…yay!

Having a hard time deciding which beer to order? Ask for our Featured Flight: Fall... yay! Court is in Session IPA This session IPA was brewed with a blend of hops to give it a crisp, fruity hop flavor followed by a well-balanced malt backbone.      ABV: 4.2   IBUs: 33 Alibi Pale Ale Classic Pale [...]

Featured Flight: You Can Handle the Truth

Ask for this week's Featured Flight: You CAN handle the truth! Truth is, these repeat offenders have become jury favorites: Whistleblower Watermelon Wheat Wheat beer brewed with puréed watermelon. ABV: 6% IBUs: 12.5 Alibi Pale Ale Classic Pale Ale with a combination of hops that give a hint of pine and citrus but balanced with [...]

YoCo Brewery Trail Launch

Local beer, local cider and local friends...there's an app for that right here in York County, SC! Today we celebrated the launch of the #YoCoBrewTrail with our neighbors here in York County that share the craft brews that make up the fabric of our communities. Participating locations on the YoCo Brew Trail: Amor Artis BrewingDust [...]