Whistleblower Watermelon Wheat

“…it’s probably criminal.”

American Wheat/Fruit Wheat – Wheat beer brewed with pureed watermelon.

A Whistleblower divulges details about violations of law or other illegal activities. They often face serious reprisals for revealing trade secrets and can be afforded protection under the law from the alleged wrongdoers. Once you taste this beer, there’s no way you’ll be able to keep it to yourself. We brewed it with pounds of watermelon purée and good old-fashioned American Wheat. It’s light, crisp and delicious. How we squeezed an entire summer picnic into each batch should remain a secret, but we realize that’s unlikely. So go ahead, exercise your moral responsibility and sing like a canary, but first you might want to wet your whistle. You’ll have a lot to say because this beer is so good it’s probably criminal.

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