Sequestered Blueberry Saison

“…entirely untampered with.”

Belgian Saison/ Fruit Beer – We took our Saison recipe and added pureed blueberries.

A jury can be sequestered to avoid accidental or deliberate tampering. Although being sequestered is extremely rare, to avoid interference with the drinker’s objectivity, and due in large part to the intense publicity surrounding this extraordinary handcrafted farmhouse ale and its many interested parties, our brewer has ordered the Saison in this case to be sequestered. This is our regular Saison to which we’ve added 45 pounds of blueberry puree and other spices. But in order to prevent members of the drinking public from experiencing undue influence, intimidation or bribes, it is ordered that this beer be tried in the same manner in which it was produced, that being entirely untampered with.

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