Some folks go their whole life without realizing that when things aren’t right, it’s OK to stop, reevaluate, and redirect. As the founders of Legal Remedy, we have enough mileage to be able to change course. If it’s not good enough, don’t do it. We have dumped literally hundreds of gallons of beer down the drain when it did not meet our standards.

Cantina is no more. It was figuratively dumped down the drain because it was not up to our standards. The name and menu are gone. So what’s next for the LRB Riverwalk location? To put it simply: we’re doing what should have been done all along. We’ve scrapped the tacos, quesadillas & Cantina name and have established a locally sourced farm to table restaurant. Now, it’s time to grow that idea. Think LRB Brewpub 2.0. Elevated southern food (gastropub feel), taken up a notch.

Along with expanding our menu, we will continue to bring you fantastic craft cocktails, and of course the same FANTASTIC beer. Our food and drinks will tell a story. A story of being locally sourced, supporting our community, and creating a dining experience unlike any other.

Thank you for your support and feedback over the last several months. We heard you. We hope you join us, and see the changes for yourself.