We have local friends in high places!

When we made the commitment at LRB Cantina to be a Farm to Table restaurant we had an ace in our pocket- our local friend Lee Petitgout.

Lee has been an Educator her entire career, albeit just as much informal as formal educating. She has a special place in her heart for the farmer, having grown up on a dairy farm in Lowrys, SC. By day, Lee has been involved in formal education at the middle school, high school, & college levels. Her passion for the farmer has led her to serve on boards & commissions which seek to train & empower the farmer to make the best product & market it accordingly.

A chance meeting on one of these boards a few years ago led to her work with Legal Remedy Brewing. Lee helps connect producer with consumer, via the restaurant industry. Lee came in and not only worked with our chef team by connecting us to the local farms, but she also helped train everyone at LRB Cantina about the benefits of locally sourced food and how to be a true Farm to Table restaurant.

Lee’s favorite LRB Beer is the Sequestered Blueberry Saison which she loves to drink while listening to live music – any genre, anywhere. Stay tuned as we introduce more local friends!