When we started the LRB Cantina Winter Break in December of last year, we intended on an evolution of what was to be on offer. Well, that evolution has turned into a revolution.

Looking at what we had available to us from the local farm community, and considering the talents of our food team, we decided that we had to go all-in on farm to table, seasonal, unique dishes. So, if you came to visit us before, you will be very surprised (hopefully not disappointed) in what we are doing now.

We are a small, independent business, and that gives us the freedom and flexibility to make adjustments to be better. If it isn’t great, we will change it. Beer not the best it should be? Pour it down the drain and start over. Food menu and execution not exceptional? Change it. Completely change it.

So we did. We completely changed it. With these changes come some expectations we’d like you to keep in mind:

  • Totally new menu experience. Mexican fare is no longer the deal. Don’t expect chips and guac. We might have them, just not on the regular.
  • Super seasonal and local. We will be highlighting local farmers and producers that will help us share our region’s food culture. Crops change with the seasons, so will our menu. What is local and fresh is what will be on the plate.
  • Varying cuts of meat. We will buy the whole hog or cow. This means we may have a ribeye one day, and hanger steak the next. Might have pork chops and then belly. Be prepared for some variety.
  • Craft cocktails. Our bar team, John and Jenna, have been busy with the artful science of mixology. The cocktails will also be seasonal, changing with what is available.
  • Brunch. That excuse for a breakfast with booze, yep. Weekends. Order the giant cinnamon roll.
  • Desserts and pastries. Adding to our new team is Shayna, our pastry chef. She will be making the breads, cakes, pies, and also that giant cinnamon roll.
  • Mistakes, misses, and mishaps. We will do our best, but there are bound to be screw ups. We ask that you show us patience and grace with your feedback as we navigate this new adventure. After all, to quote Austin Powers, “What kind of an international man of mystery would I be without the occasional mishap?

We are taking a step that we hope you like. Come out and give us a try. We will update you on our new hours and how we will roll things out very soon. As always, we are thankful for your support and for sticking with us on this journey.

– Chad