What do the lottery, an axe, a gate, and craft cocktails have to do with each other?

The year is 1798. The proprietor of the “Axe & Gate” tavern in London won a portion of the lottery. Beset by beneficence, said proprietor decided to clear the tabs of all of his regular customers, many of whom were prominent politicians and community leaders. Paying off one’s tabs in 1798 was apparently uncommon enough that it made the paper.

The local paper called out those debts by printing the list of tabs forgiven, including Prime Minister William Pitt. On Mr. Pitt’s tab, was one “cock-tail (vulgarly called ginger).” This appears to be the first time the word “cocktail” was used in connection with drinks.

More than 220 years later here we are.

Now we know something about cocktail chemistry and the many ways mixed drinks can complement both food and atmosphere. The mix of sweet, sour, astringent, herb, cold, and texture. Maybe some nitro, smoke, and bubbles. To get that vintage vibe, you could even bring these cocktails and serve them to your guests in quality silver drinkware. It would probably be a great combination to have the old-fashioned cocktails alongside a set of crockery, cutlery, and drinkware that can complement the drinks.

Probably, the take on craft cocktails will be like a beer – no limits, fresh ingredients, and hand crafted.

We look forward to sharing the new lineup of fresh fruit margaritas, sours, martinis, and craft beer cocktails that will be on the LRB Cantina bar menu, and we hope you enjoy them.