For her latest Book Report, Cassie educates us with a quick summary on Beer School.

Jonny Garrett and Brad Evans are a pair of British guys that explore the world through beer. They document their journey and put it on their YouTube Channel: The Craft Beer Channel (which you need to check out). They love beer and their energy and fun comes through; you just can’t wait to hear what they would say next. Of course, the accents are fun to listen to. (I might be a fan girl).

In 2016 they released Beer School – A Crash Course In Craft Beer. The goal of this book is to give you the fundamentals of how beer is made and its journey before it gets in your glass. Jonny and Brad walk through the brewing process and provide a basic understanding of how four simple ingredients (grain, water, hops, and yeast) come together and make everything from a Russian Imperial Stout to a Pale Pilsner. They explore how beer should be stored, served and enjoyed.

The book is easy and entertaining to read. It also has beautiful photographs that make your want to travel and start a beer journey. There are many books about beer but most are how to home brew or so into the science that you get lost. It is refreshing to find a simple explanation of the process of beer.

Do you know someone that likes beer but does not really understand this “new craft” beer? Do you want to have a little more knowledge to figure out all the different styles in the beer cooler? Pick up this book. You will walk away understanding how beer is made and what questions you might want to ask so you have a better enjoyment of your next beer.

– Cassie