The glass, and our dining room, is half full.

Thanks to everyone who has come out the past couple of weeks and joined us for a pint. You may have noticed that we took over part of our parking lot for waiting areas, spread out the patio seating, and recently, started seating inside.

The rules recently changed to allow us to seat inside at 50% capacity, so long as we keep the tables 6 feet apart, parties no more than 8, and sanitize everything like we have been. Still not normal, but getting back there. We have no idea when things will further loosen, so anticipate this will be with us for awhile.

The biggest thing we need your help with is the party size. I know some want to have all your friends over—we do too. The problem is that the state rules say no parties over 8. If you are in a mass of more than 8, and inspectors show up, they can shut us down. We can have multiple tables within 8 feet of each other outside, and you can mill between those tables, but cannot have a mass of more than 8.

If you get in a group of more than 8, and we mention it to you, I promise we are not trying to be jerks. We are trying to adhere to the current regulations in place. We can debate whether these restrictions make sense and should be in place and to what degree, but what we cannot debate is that we still have to adhere to the regulations. So sorry in advance if we have to make you choose your 7 closest friends. Not ideal, but necessary for now.

As always, we are thankful for your continued support. We will have some other announcements coming soon about new fun stuff and hope to see you at the brewpub soon.

– Chad