As you have heard by now, the governor of SC has allowed restaurants to open outdoor dining areas with guidelines in place to help ensure the health and safety of guests and staff. We’ve been preparing for this modified open for some time now, and we are ready. To keep both our guests and our team members safe, we need to work together and both do our jobs.

Our Job:
Clean the place: DONE! It looks great, everything is pressure washed, everything and I mean everything, is sanitized and looking good.

Fresh Food: DONE! When this started, we gave away all of our food to our staff. Personally, I made General Tso’s chicken with our chicken fingers— it was BANK! Restocking has been a challenge, but everything is fresh.

Strictly adhere to sanitization guidelines: This is an ongoing thing and some may be obvious, some not. Some of the highlights are: 1) every table and seat gets sanitized between every guest, 2) paper menus that you can take home, (if we were fancy we’d call them “Souvenir Menus” — Wait we will call them that!), and hand sanitizer is out and about. We’re doing some other not quite so obvious things for all of this, but truthfully we have been strictly following the food safety guidelines since we opened. This is also a brewery, where sanitization is mission critical to good beer. This is old hat to us.

Screen, equip, and train our team: We screen our employees for any signs of illness, provide them the training they need to be safe, and provide them the cleaning supplies and recommended protective equipment.

Restrict the seating: The rules are that we can only seat outside, you have to be 8 feet apart, party no more than 8, no congregating anywhere. This is where you come in.

Your Job:

Patience: Please, be patient. We have less than half of our normal seating outside. This is going to lead to long wait times. Sorry in advance. We have the front parking lot set up as a waiting area, again with limited capacity. Once everything is full, wait in your car (we will text you), or come visit us later. We would love to have everyone all the time, but the law says otherwise.

Self-regulate: If you are sick, unwell, feel poorly, coughing, please come back later. We will be here, you won’t miss anything, but if you are sick, stay home.

Keep your distances: Leave the hand shakes, fist bumps, and bear hugs for later. The understated head nod between two dudes at a stoplight will suffice to comply with currently applicable societal norms. Stay in your zone.

Things to know up front:

1) There will be waits.
2) There are limited tables, and depending on when people show up, you might see a picnic table with 8 people, or 2. We will be as efficient as we can, but things will be odd for a bit.
3) If it rains, we have to close down the patio. There is no option if it rains.

So let’s give this a try and let’s make a deal. If you see us not doing what we’re supposed to, let us know and we will do the same for you. No one gets mad, and we work through this together. We appreciate your understanding and support as we make these necessary adjustments, and we are committed to do our best to provide our friends with a safe and enjoyable experience at LRB.

Thanks and we looking to seeing all of you, from at least 6 feet away, soon.

– Chad

FRIDAY – 11:30AM-11PM
SUNDAY – 11:30AM-9PM

Please note kitchen service ends one hour before closing.
Weather WILL affect our ability serve you on the patio.