That is the new business plan because things keep changing, as we all know. To be honest, two weeks ago I just did not expect that we would be in this situation. I had bought some extra cleaning supplies, and I was washing my hands more often but closing down the Brewpub was not expected. Yet here we are.

It has been an emotional week. We had to make the decision to lay off all the servers, hostesses and bartenders early this week. Of course knowing they have families and this was their livelihood weighed heavy on my heart, but we did not want to put anyone at risk. For our back of house people, we are doing our best to keep them busy. We are pressure washing and deep cleaning pretty much everything in sight, knowing that one day we will be back to normal operations.

Next we had to rework our menu and beer for take out. We got it going. We are working with our managers so we all had to learn how to do things that we normally don’t do. Saturday was better than Friday, a little less stressful and we have a process in place.

The support from y’all has been wonderful. I was asked if the tips are going to our people who normally would be serving you and YES they are. The words of encouragement we have received brighten our day. Being on the phone and taking orders and hearing from you has helped me not be so scared, because we are all doing this together (from afar).

Our goal is to keep going as long as it’s safe for us and for you. We are going to run out of a few supplies – for example our Crowler supply is low, but we have more coming this week. Don’t worry, we have plenty of beer in cans and we will figure it out. Stay tuned to our latest updates on Facebook and Instagram.

We love seeing all of the photos of our friends enjoying their favorite LRB beers, keep them coming! Thank you again for your continued support, and stay safe out there.

– Cassie and team