Trying to find the perfect beer to bring to your next Secret Santa exchange and don’t know where to begin? Here’s a handy reference for your holiday beer shopping at LRB*!

World Court Mocha Blonde Stout
This friend is extra. The first one to put up the holiday decor and gets the venti coffee (with whip) every time. Waits until the song has ended to turn off the car and can map out where and how to position the elf on the shelf for the whole month of December. Has to buy two gingerbread houses to create a multi-level candy condo.

Guilty Party Blackberry Gose
This friend likes to enjoy the details, and takes in life through rose colored glasses – in a good way. Always wearing a spark of color and a positive attitude with a smile; you suspect they’re probably up to something.

Double Indemnity DIPA
This friend stocks the beer fridge weekly and is always tackling a new project or planning an adventure. They take the backroads and know the stops along the way to get an authentic local experience. Their favorite songs are from the sixties and seventies, and they’ll surprise you with their knowledge of horticulture.

Guilty Party Pineapple Sour
This friend has the beach house that he insists you visit and bring ALL the friends. Bring the dogs too! Never shy about sharing their stories (often about celebrity encounters), and brings vodka soaked gummy bears to the campout.

Barrister Bitter
This friend appreciates the different styles of craft beer and is willing to taste test them all. A history aficionado, they love tuning in to the history channel and learning about different cultures and origins, especially with food. They’ve never been out of the country, but they could fool you with their tv-based knowledge.

Accomplice American IPA
This friend hosts the best cookouts year round with the big screen projection on the backyard fence. A grillmaster who knows all the odds and the spreads, and has any tool you need to borrow in the shed. They’ve got the truck when you need to carry yard waste to the dump or move a piano.

Courthouse Cookie Ale
This friend was the first one to buy a snuggie back in the day. If you’re looking fo a binge show to watch on Netflix – they know just what to recommend. Fan of wool socks, snow days, and grandma’s oatmeal cookies.

Pro Bono Vanilla Porter
This friend always knows a guy. Got a roof to fix? They know a guy who owes him a favor. Need barn wood for that sliding door? Here are a couple of people to call. Need a notary? Check. Check. Check.

Plea Bargain Pecan Ale
This friend is always up for a good debate. Confident in banter, but never political, they will likely agree with you after ten minutes because they just want everyone to get along.

Sticky Situation Cinnamon Bun Stout
This is the friend that’s always in trouble. You’re usually with them, and recognize they are the instigator, but they make you laugh so much that you just go along with it, creating stories to tell.

BA Imperial Motion to Strike Milk Stout
This friend will jump in on all the group photos but insist you don’t post them because of an apparent double chin. They have like three go-to karaoke songs and still don’t know all of the words. When you remind them of “that time in college,” they insist it never happened.

BA Elements of a Crime
This friend got you hooked on Serial before it was mainstream. When they enter a room, it’s almost like you hear the Law & Order tones in the background with their approach. They are list makers and conquerers, They understand ikea directions.

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