We’re excited to showcase some friends and local artists here at LRB. During our Spring Recess event, we were able to watch Alex Waddell create the We Are Here piece, and our resident sketch artist Tim Sheaffer painted the Hops and DIPA painting live on the scene! Here are some of the artists on display this Summer at LRB.

“Art has been a big influence in my life, from the early years to where I’m at now. I didn’t really find my unique style until I took AP Art in high school. From there, I took my passion and flourished with trying new styles of art to widen my genre. I was finding that art didn’t have to be just on a canvas; but could adapt to any surface and still have a unique charisma to the art piece. Even though I might have found a style, I’m always looking for a different way to spice up my art.”

Brad Barth

“I’ve never really had any training…I just always wanted to be able to paint & I couldn’t paint – then I figured out a way to make my pictures kind of look like paintings. I like to take pictures of things I love: bugs, flowers, birds, animals…that kind of thing.”


Tim Sheaffer
TIm Sheaffer
Tim Sheaffer