Kevin and the crew bottled up the next volume in our Barrel Aged Series yesterday. This beer originally debuted in the taproom as Exhibit Z: Imperial Stout. With rich, dark chocolate and coffee flavors, it was a jury approved brew that Kevin suspected would do well aging in bourbon barrels. After months of conditioning and testing it along the way – it’s finally ready for you to take home!

Volume 9: Barrel Aged Exhibit Z Imperial Stout
ABV: 11.8% IBUs 20 SRM: 49

A rich Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels, then conditioned on cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, and Knowledge Perk IPO house coffee blend. Coffee and dark chocolate rounded off with a warm bourbon finish.

You can get it here at the source on Friday, May 3rd, when we open at 11:30am. $20 plus tax per bottle. It will also be on tap in the brewpub for you to try and enjoy here with us.

A limited amount of bottles will go out in distribution later next week. And one exclusive keg is heading out to our friends at The Eighth State Brewing Company for their special event this Sunday, Altered States | a rare beer gathering.