Introducing the LRB Summer SMaSH Series…

SMaSH in beer nerd terms stands for “Single Malt And Single Hop.” The gang in the brewery is brewing a series of this simple beer to highlight the malt and hop profiles of some of the more popular types.

Our first SMaSH was Kevin’s Exhibit: Hazy Galaxy NEIPA brewed with 100% Pilsen Malt and dry hopped with generous amounts of Galaxy Hops. This beer made its debut at our Annual Spring Recess event on April 6th.

Next up, Dave is about to release another single malt and single hop brew, brewed with Marris Otter malt and one of Dave’s favorite hops… Amarillo. It’s getting kegged this week, so look for it on tap soon!

If you have any requests for this series, write it on a $100.00 bill and get it to the brew crew! 😉


– LRB Brew Crew