It’s Snowmagadden!
Yesterday was 80 degrees and we had on short sleeves and today Chad is very upset that he forgot a coat.

The snow started coming down this afternoon and we’re told it will not stop until morning. The conference center was nice and warm so we walked the Brew Expo Exhibit Hall and found a few new surprises. Our glass company has come out with some beautiful glasses that I am thinking we should give a try. We also found some fun new sticker companies. There are some amazing cool products out there – things we didn’t even think of needing or wanting.

One of the staples of the conference is the State of the Industry. In general, we learned that people like their neighborhood brewery, which is great news! 😉

My favorite seminar today was Scaling Up the Fun. It was a discussion panel with Bret from Urban Artifact, Chris from Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, Derek from Modern Times Beer, and Katie from Rhinegeist Brewery. They talked about events they do at their brewery – big and small. A few of them that stood out were 2nd Halloween on February 14th, neon beach parties, and tie-dye (well we know that is fun). It was cool to get four different breweries providing different perspectives.

We hope to make it out tonight to ProBrew’s Reception but only if an Uber is running, because Chad is not walking.
Stay tuned, surely the weather will provide further updates!