A few months back, we made a post explaining our “Confidential Informant” Series” and “Exhibit” Series Beers. Since it’s been awhile, we thought we’d offer a refresher on what we’re doing here.

At the time, we realized that IPAs were the most requested beer at the brewpub and we set out to create a new IPA nearly every month. All kinds of IPAs – Sessions, Doubles, Hazy, Dry Hopped…a little bit of everything to please the jury. Because this favorite style of craft beer has so many options to explore, we encouraged our brewing team to get creative and come up with new small-batch IPAs that we could continually rotate in the taproom. When we say creative, we mean it. Using all kinds of hops: Cascade, Centennial, Mosaic, etc., at different stages of brewing to create a flavorful, balanced beer. To date, we have created over 20 different CI beers, a few of which have evolved into official LRB brews.

Some of our popular CI beers include:
Confidential Informant #19: Hazy IPA
Confidential Informant #17: Citra Punch IPA
Confidential Informant #8: Cascade Parade IPA

Now, we’re not saying IPAs have lost their charm, (or deliciousness), but as craft beer lovers ourselves, we’ve been paying attention to (and enjoying) the many other beer styles out there. Like our “Confidential Informant” Series, our “Exhibit” Series is designed to provide the opportunity for our brewing team to explore more creative and experimental brews, and contains the other first-time-brew beer styles. Here we’ll throw in our high gravity, dark beers, foreign beers and maybe some seasonal light ales with alternative additions. Same small-batch concept, keeping the “craft” in our beer. Note: these used to be lettered, but we gave up after Z because the concept is the same: if it’s good, we’ll brew it again.

Some of our recent Exhibit Beers include:
Exhibit: American Pale Ale
Exhibit: Hot Chocolate Stout
Exhibit: Honey Cherry Abbey (NOW Honorable Honey Cherry Abbey)
Exhibit: Dave’s Cream Ale (NOW Class Action Cream Ale)

What’s your role in all of this? Well, if you see a “Confidential Informant” or “Exhibit” beer on the menu, bring it to trial! Let us know what you think. If we get enough positive feedback, we’ll get the brewing team to fine tune the recipe, brew it again, and give it an official name for its next taproom release.

You be the Judge.