This week’s Featured Flight has dark beers across the board!

Plea Bargain Pecan Ale
This rich dark brown ale has flavors of pecan pie, nuts, dark chocolate, and a hint of coffee finish.
ABV: 6.2% IBUs: 24

Pro Bono Vanilla Porter
A robust Imperial Porter with coffee and vanilla that’s been aged on oak and bourbon.
ABV: 9% IBUs: 38.3

Exhibit Z: Imperial Stout
This rich imperial stout was brewed with cocoa nibs and a blend of Knowldege Perk coffee beans. Roasted coffee followed by rich chocolate notes.
ABV: 10.2% IBUs: 34

The Executioner Imperial Pumpkin Stout
An Imperial Stout brewed with pumpkin, spices, and vanilla.
ABV: 9% IBUs: 58