It’s time for Mugshot Monday! Jake has been a manager here at LRB since May 2016. He’s a vital part of our management team, keeping us all organized and making sure we have cool merch on hand. Let’s get to know him a little better:
What is the most interesting thing about you?
“Hmm.. I’d have to go with sense of humor. I just enjoy making others laugh.”
Who do people say is your doppelgänger?
“Back when I was a server and bartender at my previous jobs, I used to get Alexander Skarsgård at least once a week.”
An elephant walks into LRB. What does he order, and why?
“As I get in to my Dr. Dolittle shoes, I think our convo would go like this:
E- I’m famished. I’ll have one of everything.
J- That’s nuts.
E- Yeah, some of those too please.”
Favorite food/beer at LRB?
“Tough one, but I’d have to say my favorite food is currently our Cuban (hold the mustard though), and go-to beer is our Pro Bono Vanilla Porter.”
How many square feet of pizza do you think you eat in a year?
“Somewhere in the 20+ range for sure.”
What is your favorite hobby?
“Golf, hands down.”