For this week’s #MugshotMonday, we’re shaking things up a bit, and featuring one of our first hires at the brewpub. Tim started with LRB before we even opened the doors, and this past week was his last as he moves on to new and exciting adventures. To get to know Tim, we asked a few LRB peeps to tell us what it was like working with him for the past two years. Here is what we learned:

What is the best thing about working with Tim Sheaffer?

Jake P – He has the most relaxed attitude. #Buddha
Cora G – He has the best jokes and quirky mannerisms.
Amy A – He always sets me straight when I’m sweating the small stuff – puts everything in perspective for me.
Hannah E – He is always there for us – helps any way he can.
Jim – Tim is the rarest of humans: a puritan’s work ethic, a buddhist’s generous spirit, an artist’s sense of beauty, and a friend’s sense of humor.

Legal Remedy would not be what it is today without Tim’s capability, dedication to the brand and the people, great sense of design and aesthetic, and his generosity of spirit. We will miss him, and wish him only the best as moves on to pursue his passion and his art. Check out his work in the brewpub and over at