Confidential Informant Series
“…you be the judge.”

Some of the most famous Confidential Informants helped re-write history by telling secrets in court. You’ve heard of Deep Throat, right? (Stop it, that’s not what we’re talking about!). Ok, let’s try Henry Hill? Sam Gravano? Oh never mind, let’s talk about beer.

It’s no secret that IPA is the most popular craft beer category. According to the National Brewer’s Association, IPAs made up over 25% of craft beer sales last year. It’s often the first thing people scan our menu for or ask a server, “What IPAs do you have on tap?”

The three main categories of IPAs include American IPA, Imperial (Double) IPA and English IPA. There are also several sub-categories and specialty IPAs like Black IPA, Session IPA, White IPA, Rye IPA, etc. What we’ve found is most people associate the term IPA with craft beer and hops, hops, hops! While the bitterness of each category varies a lot (from 40-100+ IBUs), hops dominate the brew. In addition, the flavor profiles of IPAs are balanced and fragrant with citrus, floral and pine notes often present.

Because this favorite style of craft beer has so many options to explore, we’re encouraging our brewing team to come up with new small-batch IPAs at least once a month. When we say creative, we mean it. Using all kinds of hops: Cascade, Centennial, Mosaic, etc., at different stages of brewing to create a flavorful, balanced beer.

Here are the latest CI’s that have been available or are coming soon to the brewpub:

  • Confidential Informant #6: DIPA ABV 8.4% IBUs 40 – Brewed with a strong caramel backbone, has the bitterness of a regular IPA and the strength of a double.
  • Confidential Informant #7: Citra Bowl IPA ABV 7.2% IBUs 64 – A hop-forward IPA brewed by the founders on Superbowl Sunday. We used Citra and Mosaic hops and a blend of caramel and munich malts. Crisp and refreshing.
  • Confidential Informant #8: Cascade Parade IPA ABV 6.8% IBUs 68 – (coming soon)
  • Confidential Informant #9: Centennial Carnevil IPA ABV 6.8% IBUs 68 – (coming soon)

Exhibit Series
“…entered into evidence.”

Like our Confidential Informant Series, our Exhibit series is designed to provide the opportunity for our brewing team to explore more creative and fun brews. Here we’ll have everything but the IPAs. We’ll throw in our high gravity, dark beers and maybe some seasonal light ales with experimental additions. Same small-batch concept, keeping the “craft” in our beer.

Check out what’s available now and coming soon:

  • Exhibit A: Irish Red Ale ABV 4.69% IBUs 23 – Fermented colder than your average ale, this traditional Irish Red showcases roasted barley and caramel malts to make for an easy drinking pint.
  • Exhibit B: Coffee English Brown Ale ABV 5.37% IBUs 13.7- An English Brown Ale with a mild, malty and nutty background with robust coffee flavor and aroma.
  • Exhibit C: Barleywine (coming soon)
  • Exhibit D: Dry Irish Stout (coming soon)

So, if you see a Confidential Informant or Exhibit Series beer on the menu, bring it to trial! Let us know if you think we should brew it again. You be the judge.