What’s that saying? Teamwork makes the dream work? Well, it’s working! We’ve assembled a fantastic crew in the brewery that will allow us to expand our lineup and continue to do what we love…create honest, quality, locally brewed craft beer for you to enjoy.



Hunter is LRB’s Director of Brewery Operations. A Clemson University graduate, Hunter is “all in” when it comes to planning what’s happening in the brewery. In addition to executing the brew schedule and overall production management, he will be heading up our packaging division – yes, cans are coming very soon!




Zach graduated from Appalachian State University with a B.S. in Fermentation Sciences, which obviously equates him to being a mad scientist. He’s our head brewer and quietly clever with plenty of beer anecdotes. In addition to providing consistency in our Usual Suspects and fan favorites, Zach will be sharing some new stuff with us. Next month, we’ll feature a new recipe of his called Amber Alert – an Amber IPA. Be on the lookout!




What about those Barrel Aged beers in the barrel room? Oh, that’s Kevin’s room, a.k.a. his “happy place.” Some of those barrels he filled over 12 months ago – you’ll be seeing them roll out soon in specialty bombers. He is also exploring our sour program and experimenting with some wild yeasts. As a full-time brewer, Kevin adds creativity and enthusiasm to our quality lineup of craft beers, and we’re excited to see what he comes up with next.




Our part-time brewer brings his love of home-brewing and creating “big beers” to our team. Dave has a talent for high gravity IPAs and big, dark beers like stouts and porters with elaborate profiles. Look for more small batch specialty brews coming from him in the next couple of months.




Kayla is our Cellar Technician and does a little bit of everything in the brewery. In addition to transferring, kegging and ensuring equipment is clean, she also performs quality assurance tests throughout the brewing process. Quality is a big deal to us, so we are happy she is keeping us in line.