For the record, I hate to run. My feet hurt. My ankles and knees hurt too. Running IS arguably safer than riding a road bike in the dark, so I run … it helps keep me somewhat sane.

What I love most about running is the people I have met through the meet up group runs, crazy events I have participated in, as well as the ones where I am just passing out beer. Seeing people push the limits of what they think they are capable of is FUN! You don’t have to be an Olympian or a Boston Marathon Qualifier to inspire someone. Just enjoy doing whatever it is you love (or tolerate) and the company of like-minded peeps along the way … it’s about the experience. There are a bunch of folks I have met through running events that come regularly to the weekly LRB Run Group and I want to thank you all for joining us. There are also lots of new friends that have been made since the LRB Run Group was stared on August 18, 2014. Holy cow it has almost been a year. FYI – There is an “Almost One Year Anniversary Run Group” that will take place on August 16, 2015 – 6:30 from the brewery.

The evening of the first Run Group, LRB was not even open. There were 23 people who came to run the first night. See we are all crazy…. The next two weeks we had 31 each. The numbers ebb and flow, but the time spent with friends new and old is what makes this a great group to be part of. We have run in the heat and the cold and luckily not too much of the wet stuff. We have done a “Turkey Trot” and a couple of “Christmas Light Runs”. The one thing I can tell you is the Run Group will continue to meet and hopefully more enjoyment will be had over the miles and pints to be shared.

Truth be told… I do kinda like running … I might deny it though in public.
The Sultan of Saison