Do you remember that movie quote? Thankfully one of our instagram followers did. Reality Bites. Yeah. Troy Dyer. It’s all coming back to you now, isn’t it?

We have entered the details stage of preparing the brewpub for you! Maybe you noticed the new painting on the outside of the building? Special thanks to Scott from The Mural Shop for his most excellent work. Check out what he did on the inside for us too!

All of this means we’re getting closer! We are still a few weeks away from opening as we need to get our CO from the city and we have the staff to train. Our goal is to give you the best experience we can and we are working hard to ensure that we are doing our best at the opening. Additionally, we’re continuing to grow our presence online and spread the word. Someone suggested adding an instagram link in bio, and that’s already had a massive impact on awareness! It is important that our social media following continues to grow all of the time so that people are always being reminded about our business and how we are getting on.

As well as Instagram, we could look into platforms like Facebook and YouTube to promote our business. We are a little bit worried about our accounts disappearing into the abyss and not getting recognition, so we’re working on creating the best content and using the best editing tools to bring watchable stuff to you guys. However, if this doesn’t work, there’s always the option of buying likes for our YouTube, which helps with.

Depending on how many people come to our opening, we may need to think about incorporating a method that will allow us to grow our online presence at a quicker rate. It may be worth it to get our staff to check out sites like to find new ways to improve our social media game. It never hurt anyone to get some advice, especially if this can help to improve our business in the long run.

Meanwhile, our Mike, our brewmaster is very busy brewing new beers for the brewpub! We have 24 taps to fill and we want to fill them all! Mike has made some amazing summer beers including a Watermelon Wheat, an Orange Wheat and a Blueberry Saison. He’s also started a beautiful Red Rye IPA and is making plans for a house Root Beer and Ginger Ale .

Stay tuned and we’ll tell you where you can find Legal Remedy beers around town.