Today was a beautiful day here in Rock Hill, South Carolina. There was barely a cloud in the sky – temperatures hovered in the upper 70s with a gentle breeze that of course was filled with your usual amount of cough-inducing Spring pollen. But really – it could have been raining and forty-five degrees and it still would have been a beautiful day. Why? Because today we brewed our first test batch at the brewery on Oakland Avenue.

We went for 15-barrel of one of our favorite Usual Suspects, Alibi Ale “…don’t get caught without one.” The aroma of the brewery was heavenly. It was like… wait for it –



Brewmaster Mike Krail enjoying the moment.

So far, so good. The beer is in the fermenter and our lab will be testing it throughout the week as it continues along its glorious path full of science and microbiology and beer making stuff.

Oh and we’re just getting started. We are already anticipating a second brew this week while we continue to get things ready outside, (have you seen the new hop trellis?) and inside the brewpub (tiles, toilets and tables!). Speaking of the brewpub – we are hiring! This is where we will be making the food and serving the beer – you got those skills? Hook up with [email protected] or visit our website for an employee application.

Legal Remedy Brewing featured on Craft Beercast Podcast

Last week, our founder Chad McGowan was a guest at Grapevine in Fort Mill, SC where the guys from The Craft Beercast recorded their 78th episode: Legalese. The episode dropped on Friday – check it out…these guys are great!