We spent the weekend at the brewery doing some much needed clean up and getting things ready for the next phase in our brewery proceedings. Did you know that cleaning has been proved to be therapeutic? We are all feeling pretty good, so it must be true.

The grain room has been painted and sealed and the new mill installed. This week we are installing the walk in cooler and steam boiler. Did you know that George Washington had his own brewhouse on the grounds of Mount Vernon?

At the front of the house, the kitchen plans are coming along and we have been ordering equipment and experimenting with some menu items. Hey you foodies – keep watching Facebook as we post some of our ideas to accompany our different varieties of craft beer. We would love your feedback! Did you know that the oldest recorded recipe of all time was for Beer?

Trying our best to hold back on the excitement we have for our bathroom fixtures and tiles. But we can’t! #SuperExcited. We are swimming in samples and loving every minute of it! We can’t wait for you to see what we have picked out! Did you know in Europe the men’s urinals are often just a hole in the floor?

Outside we are prepping for the parking lot and patio.You might see us out there tearing up some of the concrete and installing planter boxes this week. Did you know that the first can of beer was sold the same year as the first parking meter was installed?

Did you know there is a crater on the moon named BEER?