The Court Report

And So it Begins…

Today was a beautiful day here in Rock Hill, South Carolina. There was barely a cloud in the sky - temperatures hovered in the upper 70s with a gentle breeze that of course was filled [...]

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Yada Yada Yada

Last month a bunch of us went to the Craft Brewer's Conference in Portland - we had an excellent time learning more about the industry, meeting lots of great people...yada yada yada...and now we're back! [...]

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Happy National Beer Day!

Are you celebrating with us? This was the day the end of prohibition law went into effect back in 1933. Let's raise a glass to our ancestors who said, "Wait a minute…BEER!" and brought forth [...]

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Big Beertopia Thank You!

Last weekend was the annual beer festival at Grapevine Wine Shop | Wine Bar in Fort Mill known as Beertopia. Beertopia has a special place in our hearts. Is it because it's right in our own [...]

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Did You Know?

  We spent the weekend at the brewery doing some much needed clean up and getting things ready for the  next phase in our brewery proceedings. Did you know that cleaning has been proved to be therapeutic? [...]

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