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Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day!

Friday, March 8th is International Women's Day and Pink Boots Society Collaboration Brew Day! Cassie and Casey got a head start on our collab day so that we could fit this special brew into our [...]

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You Be The Judge – 2019

A few months back, we made a post explaining our "Confidential Informant" Series" and "Exhibit" Series Beers. Since it's been awhile, we thought we'd offer a refresher on what we're doing here. At the time, [...]

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Featured Flight: The Ales Have It

This week’s recommended flight features different Ale styles from our lineup with unique flavor profiles. Golden Rule Golden Ale Similar to your favorite American lager, the use of pale and crystal malts gives the right [...]

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Cupcake Flights!

We're in the habit of crafting new specials for you - especially ones that pair well with our beers! Cheesecakes, pies, housemade cookies with World Court Mocha Blonde Stout ice cream and more. Lately we've [...]

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Justice Takes Time

Kevin is adding a new stout to barrels for a limited bottle release sometime in the next 4-6 months. This stout came in at over 9%, so it should remain around there. We'll see what [...]

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