The Court Report

Justice Takes Time

Kevin is adding a new stout to barrels for a limited bottle release sometime in the next 4-6 months. This stout came in at over 9%, so it should remain around there. We'll see what [...]

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Farm to Brew Beer Dinner

Shout out to all the local farms that helped make our Farm to Brew Beer Dinner a wonderful night! Throw them some local love...and look for some repeat appearances when the Old Town Farmers Market [...]

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Barrel Room Status Check

Kevin heads up our barrel aging program. In addition to researching, planning and brewing rich, dark stouts and porters to age in barrels - he comes in here every couple of weeks to check the [...]

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Featured Flight: Better than Cheesecake

Maybe you're in the mood for something sweet, but missed one of our special desserts. Try this featured flight sampler that is even Better than Cheesecake! World Court Mocha Blonde Stout A blonde stout with [...]

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Preparing for Takeoff

Big fans of shiny new toys over here. Exhibit A: Check out this new Hop Torpedo we are testing out from Hoplex. It does just what its name says: it torpedos whole cone and pellet [...]

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